The Pool
Dame Laura Knight - Date unknown
This artwork is believed to be under copyright; only the thumbnail may be displayed under fair use (see Copyright status tab below).
Owner/Location: Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House) - London  (United Kingdom - London)
Dates: Date unknown
Dimensions: Unknown
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
Entered by: Member Irene on 09 September 2012.
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Messages left by visitors
Factual/spelling error[Close]   I have not got any conerns about this artwork by Dame Laura Knight. I thought that you may like to know that I modelled for the girl on the diving board. Laura was staying at the Park hotel in Colwall England on Auguat 22 1958 and the picture is of the swimming pool at the hotel. She asked me to model for her and I had no idea who she was so when I went home I told my grandmother that a lady at the pool asked me to pose for her. She said thats Laura Knight ask her for her autograph when you swim tomorrow. She did more that that she sketched me a clown and signed and dated it and I still have it on my wall to this day.