Childhood in Eastern Life
568 x 395 • 66 KB
Engraving after Burgess (orig. 1878).

"Childhood in Eastern Life is a half humorous, half pathetic family scene, showing the forlorn and despised state of the girl-children, whom the father never names, and who are admitted into his presence only to see the honours and indulgences lavished by him and by his friends on the young lord of the creation, their brother. The facts are by no means exaggerated. Such English ladies as, in their travels in Egypt, have come into any social relation with Egyptian gentlemen, have invariably been amused and rather indignant at finding the little English maiden who is the pride of father and mother, passed over with absolute indifference by the courteous native visitor, who spends his whole vocabulary of compliments upon the British boy. And if this difference is so marked when it is a question of a European family, much more distinct and even painful does it become when the Oriental is in his own home."
(Wilfrid Meynell, The Modern School of Art II, London 1887, p. 61)
Owner/Location: Private collection
Dates: 1887
Artist age:Approximately 58 years old.
Dimensions: Unknown
Medium: Lithograph
Entered by: Member fleurdelys on 07 September 2012.
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