Portrait of Herbert Spencer
John Bagnold Burgess - 1871-1872
627 x 791 • 34 KB
Bequeathed by Mr. Herbert Spencer, and accepted by the Trustees, March 1904. (1358.)
See Supplement of the Historical and Descriptive Catalogue (Twelfth edition) of the Pictures, Busts, Etc. of the National Portrait Gallery, April 1906, London 1906, p. 29 f.

"Correspondence also recalls the fact that when over here in 1871, my American publisher, Mr. Appleton, had asked me to sit for a portrait to be painted for him, and presented to some institution in New York City. As he left me to choose the artist, I assented. (...) My reasons for fixing on Mr. J. B. Burgess, were two. One was that he was not a professed portrait painter: my impression being that he would feel more interest, and take more pains, than an artist who had made portrait painting his business. The other was that he had shown a remarkable power of rendering expression. A picture of his, entitled "Bravo Toro," exhibited in the Royal Academy some years before, and representing spectators at a Spanish bull-fight, had greatly struck me by its truthful and varied representations of character and emotion. No picture by an old master which I have seen or heard of, exhibits this kind of success in anything like as great degree."
(from Herbert Spencer: An Autobiography, London 1904, p. 235).
Owner/Location: National Portrait Gallery - London  (United Kingdom - London)
Dates: 1871-1872
Artist age:Approximately 43 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 117 cm (46.06 in.), Width: 95 cm (37.4 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
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