(also known as Un Incompris)
Jeanne Donnadieu - circa 1886
1593 x 1965 • 1295 KB
L'Incompris. This artist lived just 4 doors away from the, then not-so-famous Vincent van Gogh. This portrait has been researched and everything in it ties in with it being Vincent. from the crumpled top hat that he sketched in the same year to the unusually large gilt cornered book on the floor which ties in with the gilt cornered Dutch Bible the brothers inherited from their pastor father the year before. Even the odd manner of doing up just the top jacket button and the rolling up of the trouser legs in the manner of Dutch labourers is truly Vincent. He was one of the few who preferred to use a quill at that time and was an avid reader and writer (though unpublished at that time). The portrait was exhibited in 1892 in Versailles, was apparently not known to the public for over a century and then was eventually sold from Versailles in 2009. Since then it has been in exhibitions to allow the public to see what is, to date, believed to be the only full body portrait of Vincent van Gogh.
Owner/Location: Unknown
Dates: circa 1886
Artist age:Approximately 22 years old.
Dimensions: Unknown
Medium: Drawing - pastel
Entered by: Member on 25 June 2012.
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