The Galitzin Triptych
 (also known as The Crucifixion with the Virgin, Saint John, Saint Jerome and Mary Magdalene)
Perugino - circa 1485
1200 x 989 • 500 KB
Perugino emphasizes in this painting the theological and intellectual aspects of the crucifixion rather than the physical and the emotional. The traditional figures of Mary and Saint John the Evangelist at the foot of the cross are joined by Saint Jerome, with his attribute, the lion, and Saint Mary Magdalen, with her attribute, the jar of ointment. The human figures, plants, trees and other elements of nature are rendered in great detail while the placing of the figures and design of the landscape are clearly defined and ordered according to rules of perspective and the use of geometric shapes for composition. Note that the three figures of Christ, Mary and Saint John can be inscribed within a triangle, as can all five figures, and that the lines of the rocky landscape and the heads of the saints form the sides of a "V" which converges at the base of the cross and emphasizes the figure of Christ silhouetted against the sky.
Owner/Location: National Gallery of Art - Washington DC  (United States - Washington)
Dates: circa 1485
Artist age:Approximately 39 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 134 cm (52.76 in.), Width: 165 cm (64.96 in.)
Medium: Painting
Tempera, transferred from wood to canvas
Entered by: Member laure9 on 22 December 2008.
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