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A predella to go at the base of a larger composition by Lorenzo di Credi. This was painted in Verrocchio's workshop and attribution to the work (or, more likely, part of the work) to Leonardo's hand is largely disputed by most experts. It is believed that Lorenzo di Credi was involved to some extent in this work in the workshop and under the guidance of Verrochio. Perugino and Botticelli have also been linked to the Annunciation. If Leonardo was involved in collaboration on this piece, then he would have played a minor role as a member of Verrocchio's workshop.
Christianity > Lives of Christ and Mary > The Annunciation
Owner/Location: Musée du Louvre  (France - Paris)
Dates: 1478-1482
Artist age:Approximately 30 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 16 cm (6.3 in.), Width: 60 cm (23.62 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on panel
Entered by: Member laure9 on 20 November 2008.
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Christianity > Lives of Christ and Mary > The Annunciation
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Factual/spelling error[Close]   The picture shown is not Da Vinci's Annunciation