St John the Baptist
Leonardo da Vinci - 1513-1516
760 x 1015 • 78 KB
The work represents the culmination of Leonardo's genius, painted towards the end of his life. It is of exceptional high quality. It illustrates Leonardo's ability in producing 'sfumato' (the technique invented by Leonardo of using a specific treatment of light to erase lines and cancel out body contours to produce the effect of relief). The figure emerges under shades of shadow and light. The misty effect is obtained by applying thin layers of paint containing very little pigment. The thin layers of glaze require painstaking application which can amount to 50 to 100 layers to progressively cancel out the contours. There is an ambiguous smile from the young man and a disconcerting expression.
Owner/Location: Musée du Louvre  (France - Paris)
Dates: 1513-1516
Artist age:Approximately 64 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 69 cm (27.17 in.), Width: 57 cm (22.44 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on panel
Entered by: Member laure9 on 17 November 2008.
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