Last Supper
Sebastiano Ricci - 1713-1714
1040 x 674 • 365 KB
Artists during the Baroque period who were also commissioned to paint murals were frequently required to design the architectural setting. In this case the frame resembles the proscenium arch of an eighteenth-century theatre. The painting, for which this is the preparatory sketch, was ordered by an English nobleman, the Duke of Portland, for the chapel of his home, Bulstrode House, near London. The international reputation of Sebastiano Ricci brought him many commissions in England where he remained for about four years. The allegorical figures on either side, which would have been in stucco work, on the left symbolize Divinity and, on the right, probably Obedience.
Owner/Location: National Gallery of Art - Washington DC  (United States - Washington)
Dates: 1713-1714
Artist age:Approximately 55 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 67 cm (26.38 in.), Width: 104 cm (40.94 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
Entered by: Member laure9 on 08 October 2008.
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