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Lucretia was a figure of Roman history celebrated in legend as the victim of a cruel outrage against her virtue. In revenge she arranged for the murder of her assailant and then, preferring death to a life of dishonor, she killed herself. Illustrations of the classic legend are frequent in Renaissance and Baroque painting, however few artists have seen the tragedy in terms of the conflict of human emotions as did Rembrandt. Focusing attention on the head and hands of the victim, he has stressed the infinite sorrow of an unjust fate. Lucretia, her lips trembling, gazes at the dagger, while her other hand opens in a gesture of horror and resignation.
Owner/Location: National Gallery of Art - Washington DC  (United States - Washington)
Dates: 1664
Artist age:Approximately 58 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 120 cm (47.24 in.), Width: 101 cm (39.76 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
Entered by: Member laure9 on 11 August 2008.
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