Antonia Duvaucey de Nittis
983 x 1280 • 351 KB
In this portrait the tentative freshness noticeable in Mme. Aymon (Rouen) has given way to a steely and faultless control. The sitter is enclosed in an interior, her features are made symmetrical, the colours are restrained and, above all, the various pictorial elements are perfectly disposed about the central axis. The autocratic impassivity of Degas is already adumbrated.
Owner/Location: Musée Condé - Chantilly  (France - Chantilly)
Dates: 1807
Artist age:Approximately 27 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 76 cm (29.92 in.), Width: 59 cm (23.23 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
Entered by: Member rocsdad on 03 June 2006.
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