Las Hilanderas (The Spinners)
Diego Velázquez - circa 1644-1648
1119 x 863 • 146 KB
This painting gives the impression of a Gobelin workshop where women pursue their work in the foreground. In a second room, lit by a shaft of light, one can see a tapistry showing the story of Arachne. The mortal woman who had challenged Athena to a weaving contest was changed into a spider because the goddess disliked the topic of her work: the love affairs of the gods. beyond these visible levels of stories the image contains further messages, though encoded, concerning the paragone, the competition among the arts.
Owner/Location: Museo Nacional del Prado  (Spain - Madrid)
Dates: circa 1644-1648
Artist age:Approximately 49 years old.
Dimensions: Height: 117 cm (46.06 in.), Width: 190 cm (74.8 in.)
Medium: Painting - oil on canvas
Entered by: Member rocsdad on 18 June 2003.
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